The dramatic development in technology has been enhancing life quality and solving contemporary problems with ease. Augmented reality is a recent, innovative and improvable technology, as technological devices such as PCs, smartphones, and other devices have become more accessible to people. The simple explanation would be the world’s enhanced reality, such as watching trees across with lots of animals while watching alien spacecraft are flying over the world-ending volcano eruption. Witnessing these events altogether is possible with digital augmentation covering it.

However, augmented reality, shortly AR, is not that much complicated since popular Google Maps is also offering an AR world for just navigation. AR is unique to its specific field and becoming more specific for the demand of different communities. The need for some problems required AR technology to come into daily lives and routine works. The five uses of AR technology most people wouldn’t even notice until reading examples.


Teaching: Thanks to AR, most fields are more effectively developing and adapting to more extreme conditions such as pandemic teaching. Covid pandemic made face-to-face teaching impossible by the risk of health. The problem resulted in a more realistic online classroom with the contribution of AR technology. The classroom’s reality has been decreasing the stress of pandemic on students and offering a more intimate learning space.

Public safety: The world population has been increasing enormously worldwide, so the results of natural disasters and other critical events like terrorism may be disastrous than they could be. Therefore, cops, firefighters, emergency management officers, and states must prepare new techniques or train more to minimize the casualties. The natural disaster moment is not an ideal time to adapting a disaster. Meanwhile, augmented reality shows various chaotic scenarios to adopt and train police officers, firefighters, and others well, even for an alien attack. In action time, officials can make the best move to assist in needs and ıdentify priority assistance for people in need.

Medical Training: Medıcıne has a unique place for AR technology to educate new medical students on specific medications. As can be known, intern doctors can not do surgery training on peoples; therefore, future doctors’ education wastes so much money and time by observing a professional surgeon performing surgery. AR technology offers various medical scenarios supporting the use of any medical equipment to even heart surgery. This innovative training program with AR technology would result in an increasing success number of doctors.

Maintenance and Repair: Augmented reality has a place in an engineer’s workplace as a helpful hand for work. Diagnosis of a problem and showing the exact location of a cause helps accomplish the job more efficiently and quickly.


Modeling and Design: The designing and modeling of an excellent game or even a huge city are more realistic and easy than writing on paper with AR technology. Today’s architects use augmented reality to build new model parks or sites. AR’s contribution to buildings shows itself as a designer of contemporary buildings and its precious interior design.

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