ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: BEGINNING OF A NEW ERA IN 2021 It is always a question that Artificial intelligence (AI) will change the world in a way that no one ever can dream of people. However, people question the place of AI technology in the future world, whether it will be a human’s utopia or dystopia. Fortunately, artificial intelligence shows various handful and practical work nowadays to make the human world better. Today’s advantageous use of AI technology may help people estimate the place of AI technology in the future.



The technology age comes with a large amount of data, but raw data has no value since there is no necessary information for decision making. Data analysis to take valuable information wastes so much time and labor that most would not afford it.  On the other hand, AI-powered software systems can analyze massive raw data and provide valuable extracted data. Data analysis with AI is an essential tool for business, scientific research, and other fields requiring massive data dealing. For some reason, people continuously oppose AI technology in the workplace where humans could also work. The idea probably stems from a misunderstanding because AI still needs human inputs, namely training data,  to analyze data. Analysitaion of data by AI only reduces the required human workforce to assure more comfort in today’s world. AI ensures data engineers use computers, having improved algorithms, that learn themselves. The use of AI algorithms allows processing data automatically and cleanly by saving a significant amount of valuable time. In the end, the output data is data that analyzed, explained, and, if necessary, visualized data.


The expert system is one of the same handful system of artificial intelligence systems in the field. It shows a human expert’s decision-making ability in a computer system. As there may be a need for an expert’s assistance, the expert systems are an accessible and useful tool for real-time use. The expert’s decision-making skills are a handful for many fields to take action. Therefore, the expert system can be considered as a consulting program for users. The development in the expert systems eventually will offer people in poverty worldwide a unique future that enabling to access world-famous scientists, teachers, Md’s decision-making skills.


The language difference is a huge communication barrier for people. To overcome the obstacle, Artificial intelligence-based translators offer superior technology. AI translators are not as successful as humans, yet, but it is almost accessible worldwide. The AI translators use AI algorithms to translate the meaning of words and directly translate it. Therefore, it gives more reliable work rather than what just direct translation shows.


Fraud is a big problem for scientific and financial institutions. Data analysis can be a useful fraud detection by comparisons of past data. AI’s use in detection is to notice disguised and implicit frauds rather than just finding apparent scams. Furthermore, it does not require manual control to detect fakes since artificial intelligence automatically detects copies with only training data.

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