The state of quantum computers: Stunning future of computers in 2021

The breakthrough of technological developments finally reached the innovative and pioneering end via Quantum computers. Quantum computer is still a new technology; however, it can trigger a sudden development in major areas. The usage of quantum computers, of course, would change person to person or corporation to corporation according to their demands. It can be a solution for an undiagnosable disease by machine learning or a future investment for retirement through financial strategies. State also will use it as an algorithmic system to manage emergencies like forest fire or earthquake in the future. Nevertheless, why would they use quantum computers instead of traditional computers? That question leads us to the following question “What is the quantum computer?”


Well, first of all, traditional computers lack power for problem-solving complexity in some cases even though it is advantageous today. These complex and big data problems have brought the globe a new technology, namely quantum computing. As contemporary computers use bits to store the binary system and manipulate information of this data, it could lead to 8 bits for a number between 1-255; meantime, the quantum computer uses qubits to store and manage information, and eight qubits can mean every number between 1-255. This shows us the data size difference for storage that will be useful in the future due to the increasing data size. This difference clearly shows the superiority of quantum processor over classical ones. The elemental storage unit qubits are resources such as a photon’s orientation or an electron’s spin. The arrangement of this system is complex and can be a distinct combination at once. The superposition property refers to this situation for all linear systems. Quantum entanglement also explains why the qubits can be useful to represent all numbers between 1-255. The qubits cannot be evaluated as a single product solution because of the quantum entanglement, resulting in different solutions simultaneously. This advanced technology makes it difficult to available to people, resulting in a question that quantum is really the future?


Quantum machines are susceptible compared to traditional computers. The heat, electromagnetic field, even colliding air molecules can cause an error that resulted from the loss of quantum properties of matter because of environmental factors. That problem is known as quantum decoherence means loss of quantum coherence. Quantum coherence is a definite wave phase relation between the separate states. The environmental effects cause loss, so that it must be well preserved to reduce the loss of uncertainty.

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